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Founder & CEO

Tara Zinn is the Owner and Founder of Omaha Massage and Healing Arts. Her passion for massage and wellness extends beyond her massage practice.  Tara is also a Reiki Master and Coach that focuses on creating a clearer understanding of self by working on communication, goal setting and accountability, digging deep and taking action as well as creating a mindful and present lifestyle.  Tara has traveled the world with Sparitual as an Ambassador and is currently working in Southern California to further her knowledge and growth as an educator, coach and bodyworker.  She is also a devoted mother to a spunky 6 year old daughter!

Tara works closely with the team to help them share their gifts of healing and wealth of knowledge with the community.  It is her passion to help these wildly talented massage therapists find their truth and highest life purpose in order to provide their BEST work! Omaha Massage and Healing Arts believes strongly that educating the client on the importance of mind and body connection helps bring balance to the clients life!

Peel back the layers that no longer serve you.

Our Founder Tara has launched Embodied Vulnerability Coaching

✨ Live a more joyful life ✨