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Events / Classes

Please allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks for services to be scheduled. Evenings and weekends are our highest demand times and can book out even further. Thank you for your patience.

Body Awareness Meditation 1 Hr | $15

In this open learning, guided meditation, we will presence the energies that animate our existence within the body. The subtle art of attuning with these frequencies is a daily practice of awareness, presencing the moment, focusing on what is meaningful in order to live in alignment with the ecology of all that is. The ultimate intention being an expressed existence of presence.

Classes held on Thursdays from 6-7 PM.

Sacred Cycle 2 Hrs | $33

This class is meant to support those who are looking for alternative methods of caring for our bodies and our monthly cycles. We will learn crucial at home self care methods, meaningful rituals and practices, and engage with plants and each other to help reorient your relationship to yourself, your body, and your Sacred Cycle.

Classes held on Saturdays nearest the New Moon from 10 AM-12 PM (June 8th)

Sound Bath 1 Hr | $30

Lindsey’s healing sound bath is a powerful blend of crystal bowl vibrations, guided meditation, and energy healing. During a sound bath, crystal bowls, each tuned to a specific frequency, are used to create vibrations of healing. These vibrations can help to balance and clear each chakra (energy centers of the body) leading to a deep sense of relaxation, clarity, and peace.  This is a passive & relaxing experience.

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Our Founder Tara has launched Embodied Vulnerability Coaching

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