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Rachel has been a licensed massage therapist for 15 years. Her continuing education classes have included deep tissue, prenatal, hotstone, psoas, sciatica, cervical, and Reiki among a few others. Rachel does well with neck, low back, and hip issues. Her knowledge for helping these issues come not only from continuing educations, but also from working in a chiropractor office where she did accident and injury massage, as well from her personal experience from neck, low back, and hip issues.

Rachel is laid back and and go with the flow, caring and accepting of any type of individual. Depending on the client’s issues, she will take a little extra time to ask some extra questions and listen to what the client wishes to be worked on, and any other concerns for the client’s comfortability. She also believes that communication, acceptance, understanding and the client giving the okay to the plan for their session is key to a healthy client/therapist relationship.

She went through massage therapy training to have a temporary career until she was ready to go back to school. She ended up staying in the field because she fell in love with the more natural healing modalities and seeing the positive difference massage made in people’s lives. Seeing the improvement in people’s lives keeps Rachel coming back.

When Rachel is not working, she is a partner, mom of four plus a bonus kid and a dog. She is currently striving to receive her 200 hour yoga teacher certification. She likes hikes, the mountains, the ocean, reading and much more!

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