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LMT, Manager

Julia Beutler joined Omaha Massage and Healing Arts as a licensed massage therapist and the manager upon graduating from the Omaha School of Massage Therapy in 2009. She began her healing arts journey because of an initial fascination with the human body. That passion has continued to grow into a deeper curiosity and understanding of the incredible connection and complexity of mind, body and spirit. She has thoroughly enjoyed furthering her education from her mentors and a variety of continuing education courses over the years. She has also participated in two in depth herbal medicine programs and a 200 hour yoga teacher certification that helped to give her a more holistic approach to her practice and lifestyle. Julia loves to share self-care techniques that she has learned along the way with her clients to help them feel their best. She has a passion for learning and looks forward to sharing the invaluable knowledge she has gained with her community.

Julia customizes clients treatments to their individual needs incorporating a variety of techniques. Currently, her favorite modalities to offer are: Deep Tissue, Cupping, Gua Sha and Thai Yoga Massage. She enjoys working slow and methodically to connect with her clients giving them time and space to go inward and reconnect with self.

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