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Sound Bath 1 Hr | $30

Lindsey’s healing sound bath is a powerful blend of crystal bowl vibrations, guided meditation, and energy healing. During a sound bath, crystal bowls, each tuned to a specific frequency, are used to create vibrations of healing. These vibrations can help to balance and clear each chakra (energy centers of the body) leading to a deep sense of relaxation, clarity, and peace.  This is a passive & relaxing experience.

Tai Chi (6-week series) 1 Hr 30 Mins | $160

*This is a 6 week series*
All 6 weeks must be paid for in full up front.
By enrolling in the October 4th class, you are auto enrolling for October 11th, 18th, 25th and November 1st and 8th.

Master Fong teaches Tai Chi through a balance approach between art and science, body and mind. Learning Tai Chi has to be approached both mentally and physically. Physical movement without a leading mental focus is an incomplete approach. You will learn how your mind affects your body and vice versa and how to quiet and calm both your mind and your body which will lead to the experience of both mental and physical wellness. You will also learn about chi and how to facilitate the flow of life which is an integral part of the experience in his Tai Chi classes. You will feel calm, rejuvenated and spirited. This is the natural way. All levels of experience welcomed.